Investment Strategy.

LANDOR & FUEST proactively manages and monitors your portfolio’s positions and asset allocation in response to overall market, economic or geopolitical activity. The use of the strategies below can be a combination of all, or just one – this will all depend on your objectives and risk parameters. Each client has a personalized portfolio, we do not take a one size fits all approach.

Our investment selection process uses a multi-disciplinary approach: fundamental analysis (i.e.-analyzing the inner strengths of individual companies), quantitative analysis (i.e.-selecting and analyzing a large group of companies with specific parameters to narrow the universe) and technical analysis (i.e. analyzing market and individual company trends through price and volume metrics). The result is our ability to arrive at impartial investment decision-making based on timely response to the “weight of the evidence”.

Utilizing this methodology, your portfolio is capable of reacting to economic, geopolitical and general market events that otherwise might not be the case in a stagnant portfolio based on the buy and hold methodology.

Yield Investing
Now more than ever investors are looking for yield on their investments. We create a portfolio (or section of your portfolio) that focuses on yield and yield strategies. Yield is a critical component of your portfolio because it has been shown to reduce portfolio volatility, provide income if needed either before or during retirement. Companies offering dividends tend to be a bit more stable in down markets as risk assets get sold and investors tend to move into companies that have the cash to bear the brunt of a storm.

Tactical Investing
We custom create portfolios and often we will use this method of investment management to take advantage of opportunities in different industries and sectors as these can sometimes come in and out of favor.

In addition to using all three basic types of analysis, we aggregate information and analysis from Institutional buy and sell side research from well-respected third party research, supported by our own internal global-macro research.

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